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发布时间:2021-03-31 09:39:01


Tiger Fighting September 28th Atletico coach Simeone attended the post-match press conference with Granada


We don't like rushing for success. The team played well in the first half, constantly pressing high positions, and doing a very good wing connection, Correa and Carrasco, as well as Trippier and Lodi. Costa and Felix also played very well in the first half. But we lacked goals and missed a penalty kick. The opposing goalkeeper performed well and saved our penalty.

我们不喜欢为成功而奔波。球队在上半场表现出色,不断压制高位,并在Correa和Carrasco以及Trippier和Lodi之间建立了很好的边路联系。 Costa和Felix在上半场也表现出色。但是我们缺乏目标,错过了点球大战。对方守门员表现出色,并挽救了我们的罚款。

In the second half, our second goal finally arrived. It was a beautiful goal. The cooperation, vision and use of space made me feel that this goal was the best I have ever seen. Most importantly, this proves that our team can play well. After that, the team seemed to have taken reassurance, and the performance got better and better. Llorente, Vitolo, Lemar and others played very well, and Suarez came up to do what he was best at. I don't care about goa亚搏彩票官网ls and assists. What I care about is how the entire team fits into one. This will promote healthy competition within the team. If the 23 players in the lineup all help and promote each other, we will be very competitive.


Let me share with you my views on the lineup. When a coach builds a lineup, he always hopes that he will have players who obey the arrangement for the coach to continuously rotate. Only in this way can a good lineup be built. To be competitive, you must first have a card in your hand. This is why we continue to strengthen the lineup year after year. The arrival of a good player can certainly improve the entire team, but first of all, it must be based on the team's hard work. Now we will continue to work hard as usual to prepare for the next game against Huesca.


What I want to say, feel, and think about Costa’s evaluation is the same as I said when he returned three and a half years ago. There is no change. In the past period, he failed to score as usual, this season we hope he can perform better. Today he scored a goal and completed his task. He has all the conditions to continue to compete.


I don't want to repeat it anymore. I don't like rushing for success. My focus is always on how to make this collective exert greater energy. We can see that Felix is ​​now more confident and calm in handling the ball than last season, and we have also observed the same changes in Lodi and Trippier. Everyone keeps getting better. There are five substitutions this season. If we can maintain this stability, we can be more competitive.


I answer this question every year, until the last minute of the transfer window, we cannot stop in the transfer market, and we have to carry out a lot of potential transfers in and out. Both the chairman and the CEO know how to build a better lineup. So, until the last day of the transfer window, everything is possible.


I feel that I have an obligation to think about preparing for every game, and the only thing I care about now is the game against Huesca. Nothing else.


I think we want to play like this. We used to play very late because of the feeling the players passed to me. But then I slowly discovered that they can also play aggressively, play more directly and play faster, which can bring a lot of changes to the team's offense, and these changes can enhance our team's potential. But everything depends on what will happen after this game. After all, you can get melons and beans. If we can see from the performance on the court that we are on the right path, then we will follow this path.


I answered Costa’s question earlier. Regarding the first question, we can indeed play well. Players need to be able to take responsibility. We are responsible for what happens on the court. And I need to do my work according to the information the players give me. The more positive they pass to me, the closer my formation will be to the good situation it is today.