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Continue my memory of the World Cup in Germany. After the National Football Team reached the World Cup finals in Korea and Japan in 2002, some fans thought that the spring of Chinese football was here. They did not expect that “being the pinnacle is the peak”. In the following years, the national team's performance did not improve, and instead ushered in a dark period. The 2006 World Cup has nothing to do with Chinese football, but when interviewed in Germany, there was a bit of overlap with Chinese football.

继续我对德国世界杯的回忆。在2002年国家橄榄球队进入韩国和日本世界杯决赛之后,一些球迷认为中国足球的春天就在这里。他们没有想到“成为顶峰是高峰”。在接下来的几年中,国家队的表现并没有提高,而是迎来了一个黑暗的时期。 2006年世界杯足球赛与中国足球无关,但在德国接受采访时,中国足球有点重叠之处。

Soon after the opening of the World Cup, I once interviewed Zhu Guanghu, the national team coach at the time, while watching Italy vs. Ghana in Hannover. Before the World Cup, he led the team to play a warm-up match with France. The 1-3 loss was not the main thing to watch. Many fans in that match must remember that Zheng Zhi inadvertently shoveled the striker Cisse. Who missed the World Cup. After leading the team to the warm-up match, Zhu Guanghu just returned to China and came to Germany with Li Shubin to watch the World Cup.

世界杯开幕后不久,我一次采访了当时的国家队教练朱光虎,同时在汉诺威观看了意大利对加纳的比赛。世界杯前,他带领球队与法国进行了一场热身赛。 1-3的损失不是主要的注意事项。那场比赛的许多球迷必须记住,郑智无意中将前锋西塞铲了下来。谁错过了世界杯。带领球队参加热身赛后,朱光虎刚回到中国,与李书彬一起来到德国看世界杯。

When interviewing Zhu Guanghu, he said that he would learn Italian defense, and he also liked Argentina and Côte d'Ivoire that year. However, in the following period, the national football team did not seem to have learned anything from the World Cup. The Asian Cup qualifiers only defeated Singapore 1-0 in the two rounds, and lost to Thailand in the warm-up match. After losing to Uzbekistan 0-3 in the 2007 Asian Cup. , Zhu Guanghu ended the get out of class sadly.

在采访朱光沪时,他说他会学习意大利的防守,那年他也喜欢阿根廷和科特迪瓦。但是,在接下来的时期,国家足球队似乎没有从世界杯中学到任何东西。亚洲杯预选赛在两轮比赛中仅以1-0击败新加坡,并在热身赛中输给了泰国。在2007年亚洲杯决赛中以0-3输给乌兹别克斯坦。 ,朱光虎可悲地结束了退学。

At that time, the national football record was not good, Zhu Guanghu was not the main responsible person, the entire football management is chaotic, let the layman Xie Yalong come to the Football Association is the main reason. When it comes to the former vice chairman of the Football Association who was released from prison last year, the first impression of netizens may be the akimbo. In fact, there was no such stem at the 2006 World Cup. At the women's football summary meeting after the 2008 Olympics, he accused the Chinese women's football team of being a typical negative team with "no fighting spirit and incompetence". He also used the "iliopsoas muscle" as an example, thinking that the women's football lacked exercise in this muscle. At that time, the women’s football girl didn’t know what it was, so she heard it "

当时,国家足球纪录不佳,朱光沪不是主要负责人,整个足球管理混乱,让外行谢亚龙来到足协是主要原因。对于去年从监狱获释的足协前副主席而言,网民的第一印象可能是两手叉腰。实际上,在2006年世界杯足球赛上没有如此的表现。在2008年奥运会后的女子足球总结会议上,他指责中国女子足球队是典型的消极球队,“没有斗志和无能”。他还以“ ili肌”为例,认为女子足球运动中缺乏锻炼。当时,女子足球女孩不知道那是什么,所以她听到了“

The day before the German World Cup final, my colleagues and I took a train from Munich to Berlin. As I stayed up late to write, I fell asleep as soon as I got on the train. But it didn't take long to hear someone in the carriage speaking Chinese. I opened my eyes and saw that the train was stopping at Nuremberg. Four Chinese came up. Two of them were very familiar. One was Xie Yalong and the other was Cui Dalin, the deputy director of the State Sports General Administration.


Four people are sitting diagonally in front of the other side of the aisle. Maybe they think we are journalists from Japan.


When talking about the training of the national team, Xie Yalong's words opened the door. Looking back now, it is definitely not the first time he mentioned the "akipsoas" at the 2008 women's football summary meeting. As we all know, Xie Yalong is a track and field background, so he is authoritative in this respect. I only remember that when he was on the train, he said a lot about waist strength and basic training. He could not remember the "iliopsoas" by saying that he could not remember clearly. He is also very proud that he has personally coached the women's football training.

在谈到国家队的训练时,谢亚龙的话打开了大门。现在回想起来,这绝对不是他在2008年女子足球总结会议上第一次提到“ akipsoas”。众所周知,谢亚龙是田径背景,因此在这方面他是权威。我只记得他在火车上时讲过很多关于腰部力量和基本训练的知识。他说不清清楚楚,不记得“ ili鱼”。他也为自己亲自指导女子足球训练感到非常自豪。

Hearing this, I once had the idea to go up and tell our Football Association chairman that using your own profession to guide others, these should not be things you care about. There are many things that Chinese football should do. But after thinking about it, I still held back.


Not much else, anyway, since the World Cup in Germany, Chinese football continues to decline. Xie Yalong, Nan Yong and Yang Yimin, the three giants of the former Football Association who are now imprisoned, have joined forces to direct that chaotic era.


Back to the German World Cup battlefield. That year Messi and Ronaldo each ushered in their World Cup debuts. At that time, the latter must have been more popular. After all, Ronaldo had already shown all the potential of a superstar in the local European Cup in 2004, and in 2006 Messi is just an 18-year-old hairy boy.


But in that World Cup, my impression of Ronaldo rested more on "boos", and they all appeared in the three knockout games in Portugal. In the 3-1 victory over England, Ronaldo encouraged the referee to send off his Manchester United teammate Rooney, and then winked at his bench.


I was not there, but from the media reports after the game, the English fans at the time booed him. However, Rooney not long ago talked about the incident more than ten years ago, saying that the red card turmoil did not affect the relationship between the two, but deepened his friendship with Ronaldo.


I was on the scene for the semi-final against France. Perhaps it was affected by the last game, as long as Ronaldo gets the ball, he is often booed. Later, in the third or fourth finals in Munich, because the opponent was the host Germany, the boo to Ronaldo was even louder. Podolski was elected the best rookie in the World Cup in that tournament, and the Portuguese coach Scolari still refused to say that Ronaldo was. However, the FIFA technical team responsible for the selection of the award has very good reasons, thinking that his style of play is problematic. Matteus directly pointed out that Ronaldo's behavior on Rooney gave him a lot of negative points. Technical team leader Osek also said that the best rookie should be a role model for young players, and the spirit of fair play is a very important one in the selection criteria.


Regarding the impression of Messi, the only thing that can be remembered is that in the big victory against Serbia, he scored a goal off the bench and was his only goal in that World Cup.


But the real protagonist of that game was Riquelme. Later, he made a special trip to Leipzig to see Argentina vs. Mexico in the knockout round. As a result, Messi only came off the bench. On the contrary, he was impressed by Rodriguez's world wave.


Regarding the impression of the final, what everyone talked about after the game was of course the conflict between Zidane and Materazzi. But at the scene, most of the Chinese reporters were sitting in ordinary seats with no monitors beside them, so we didn't see what happened. We didn't see the details until we returned to the press center after the game. Let's just quote the manuscript written at that time.


Title: Coronation! Italy wins the World Cup, two stories condensed the essence of the blue night


In the early hours of this morning Beijing time, the blue Olympic Stadium and the blue runway, under the blue FIFA banner, two blue teams came together. In the end, Italy, wearing a blue jersey, became the host of the night. A final, two stories, condensed all the essence of this blue night.


The first story takes place within 120 minutes, and the protagonists are Materazzi and Zidane. In the 7th minute, a reckless foul in the penalty area by Materazzi gave the Frenchman a penalty kick. Zidane gave a penalty that amazed both fans. Under Buffon's helpless gaze, the beam helped the French. However, just 13 minutes later, No. 23 made up for it, and Materazzi used a corner kick to get a header to tie the score. 1 to 1, the game afterwards became dull, and even "forced" the Olympic Stadium to have a lot of people, and it was three laps at once. During the intermission, the slightly appetizing thing was that a streaker tried to break into the stadium from the player channel, but was stopped by security, but he also escaped a fine of up to 100,000 euros.


The story of the two protagonists is not over yet. Soon after the second half of the extra time, Materazzi suddenly fell to the ground, and Buffon ran to the line referee without the referee whistling, roaring something. The game was suspended. The video showed that Zidane, who had lost his composure, pushed Materazzi on his head. After consulting the assistant referee, the referee Elizondo directly showed the red card to Zidane! In the following time, the German fans stood on the side of the French team and all the boos were given to Materazzi.


The second story is of course a penalty shootout. This time the protagonist is Trezeguet, who has lost consciousness. This is the second penalty kick in World Cup history. In 1994, the Italian was defeated by Brazil. In the other two penalty shootouts in the knockout stages, Italy failed. After Materazzi scored a penalty kick, he was so nervous that he did not want to keep watching, but came to the sideline closer to the Italian fans for comfort. However, fate determines the result. Six years ago, Trezeguet killed the Italian with a golden ball in the extra time of the European Championship final. This time his shot flew to the upper left corner again, but was blocked by the crossbar.

第二个故事当然是点球大战。这次的主角是特雷泽盖特,他已经失去了知觉。这是世界杯历史上的第二次点球大战。 1994年,意大利人被巴西击败。在淘汰赛的另外两次点球大战中,意大利失败了。 Materazzi罚点球后,他非常紧张,以至于不想继续观看比赛,但在离意大利球迷较近的旁观者那里寻求安慰。然而,命运决定了结果。六年前,特雷泽格(Trezeguet)在欧洲冠军联赛决赛的加时赛中用金球杀死了意大利人。这次他的射门再次飞到左上角,但被横杆挡住了。

When Grosso scored Italy's fifth penalty, the blue Italy went crazy. The German-designed championship scene was exciting. In a sea of ​​silver, the Italian team raised the Hercules Cup aloft. After three consecutive World Cup penalty shootouts, the Azzurri finally won the fourth decisive battle. This is also the fourth time the Italians have lifted the World Cup trophy.


This is destined to be a blue World Cup.