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亚搏彩票官网客服:京媒:首钢新赛季进入争冠行列 后卫外援是X因素

The CBA League 2020-21 season will start today.


Compared with last season, the CBA in the new season has some changes in schedule and policies. In the new season, the regular season will increase to 56 rounds. Last season there were only 46 rounds in the regular season. Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the CBA regular season in the new season will still adopt the game system first. The new season is divided into four stages.


The CBA League in the new season is divided into two major groups.


The nine opponents that the Beijing Enterprises Men’s Basketball team encountered in the first stage were all from the same group, including two encounters with Shandong, Xinjiang and Jiangsu teams and one encounter with the other six teams. Although the Guangdong and Shougang teams in the semi-finals of last season are not in the same group, the other two league veteran players, Liaoning and Xinjiang, are still in their background and strength. Generally speaking, it is difficult for the North Control team to gain the upper hand when they meet these two teams. For these two teams, the Beijing Controls Men’s Basketball Team had to meet in the first three rounds of the regular season. In addition, the Shandong team as the opponent in the first match, if the situation is unfavorable, the Beijing Controls Men’s Basketball Team failed to win the first victory in the three rounds. It is also very normal.


Judging from the process of the two preseason games, Yu Changdong played the most obvious role among the three newly joined CBA "old men" with high hopes. Can screen teammates and score three-pointers, it should be said very comprehensive. It's a pity that Yu Changdong's current injury is unknown. If he can't play, it will have too much impact on the team. Under the circumstances that the big foreign aid can't come to China in time, the Beikong team currently only has two inside players, Sun Tonglin and Wang Shaojie, and it is difficult to rotate freely in a game.


In the guard position, the old horse hid Sun Yue in the preseason. On the one hand, it was to allow the veteran to have enough time to adjust and prepare for the regular season. In addition, he also hid a hole card. In the absence of small foreign aid, Wang Zirui and Zhang Fan's organization of the offense is far from the satisfaction of Lao Ma's heart, many mistakes, and Wang Shaojie's recent state is not at its best.


In short, while waiting for the arrival of powerful foreign aid, the domestic players of the Beijing Control Team must make greater efforts. The goal is not to fall behind, in order to climb up step by step in the subsequent regular season, and finally enter the season. The goal of the playoffs.


Shougang completed an eye-catching signing operation in this offseason, among which Fan Ziming and Li Muhao joined, which most excited Beijing fans. The arrival of the two major insiders has solved the problem of the shortage of insiders for Shougang for many years. They have no obvious shortcomings in the lineup. This is also their biggest capital for better results in the new season.


What exactly will the joining of Fan Ziming and Li Muhao bring to the Beijing Shougang team? The first is the strengthening of rebounds and inside defense. Second, the two new domestic aids have brought more confidence to the team.


The Shougang team also completed the contract extensions with Liu Xiaoyu and Fang Shuo in this offseason, changing Zhou Yixiang's identity from loan to permanent transfer. These operations have kept the team's lineup sufficiently complete and stable. In terms of foreign aid, the Shougang team renewed Hamilton. After the isolation is lifted, Dahan will become the first foreign aid for Shougang in the new season, and his role will be more obvious. At the same time, the Shougang team selected scorer Gibson as Jeremy Lin's replacement on the guard's foreign aid. From the current point of view, the foreign aid of the guard will be the X factor of the Shougang team in the new season.

首钢团队在本休赛期还完成了与刘晓宇和方硕的续约,将周一祥的身份从贷款转为永久转让。这些操作使团队的阵容保持足够完整和稳定。在对外援助方面,首钢团队续签了汉密尔顿。解除孤立之后,大汉将成为新亚搏彩票官网赛季首个首钢外援,他的作用将更加明显。同时,首钢队选择了得分手吉布森(Gibson)作为后卫的外援杰里米·林(Jeremy Lin)的替补。从目前的角度来看,后卫的外援将成为新赛季首钢队的X因素。

On the whole, at least on paper strength, the Beijing Shougang team has the strength to enter the championship in the new season. As long as they can complete the run-in as quickly as possible and produce enough chemical reactions, I believe they will bring enough surprises to fans in the new season.


By Liu Ailin and song Xiang

by l IU AI林and送X i昂